Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What are the "Secrets of Copywriting" and how can I learn them? -- Unschooled

Dear Unschooled:
The secrets of copywriting are that not secret. Copywriter Bhaskar Sarma does a great job of revealing ten of them in his blog post, "From my Notebook:10 Copywriting Tips from William Zinsser" (author of On Writing Well).

It's worth the read---especially if you're serious about becoming a better writer tomorrow than you are today. 


Who am I?
ROTH copywriting is Robert Roth---expert Atlanta freelance copywriter. http://www.rothcopy.com

What I'm working on now
Writing more content articles for a global crop science company; finishing monthly newsletter for the CDC; in discovery phase of writing a  corporate capabilities brochure for Boston-based financial services company.   

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