Thursday, August 25, 2011

Is there a place for sentence fragments in my copywriting? -- signed Unpunctuated

Dear Unpunctuated:

Most certainly. Using sentence fragments can enhance your writing style by adding a more conversational quality to it and improving flow. For an example, I grabbed a paragraph at random from jelly-maker J. M. Smucker's 2009  annual report:

Here's how it read originally: 
"The 'Great American PB&J' has been part of family meals for generations and is particularly relevant for the comfort and value it offers in the current economic environment. As consumers reach for what is America’s favorite sandwich, we continue to offer both traditional and new alternatives."  

Here's how I rewrote the paragraph using sentence fragments:"The PB&J. America's favorite sandwich. And a staple on family tables for generations. In today’s economic climate, it’s more than just a comfort food; it’s also a good value. And as consumers reach for more, Smucker’s continues to offer both traditional and new alternatives."

There's something else going on here: the principle of three's. More on that later.

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