Monday, July 25, 2011

What should a freelance copywriter know about folds? --"Always Flat "

Dear Always Flat:
If you're working with a ho-hum designer or looking for a way to impress your client, knowing how to fold a brochure can add a WOW factor to the project. 

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Forget the conventional tri-fold; it's boring. Go for a gate fold. Or a double gate fold (my personal favorite). With a double gate fold, your piece can have two reveals (1 on the cover + 1 on the folded inside gates) and four inside panels for text. For more on reveals click here.

Another favorite is a Z-fold cover. It gives you two separate
front covers, (you turn the book upside down) which provide two separate signature (groups of four pages) areas. Just like a certain breath mint, this gives you two brochures in one. Great for playing two ideas off of each other. For example, let's say you are a custom tailor that also sells prete-a-porter suits. Your custom line goes inside one cover, your ready to wear inside the other.  

A handy folding guide is available at:


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