Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I've been offered a job writing 200-word content articles for $10 a pop. Should I take it? "Unsure"

Dear Unsure:
Let's do the math. A good freelance copywriter can bill at $100/hr. or $800/day
For you to earn $800, you'll need to write 80 stories. 
So, what are you going to be--a good freelance copywriter or a content writer on food stamps? 
(It's a rhetorical question.)


  1. I agree - theoretically. However, there comes the time when one must choose food stamps over starvation.

  2. Oh yes, and by the way, i need freelancing copywriting work too. Any suggestions?

  3. Personal to as-if: Send me an email and tell me what kind of copywriting you want to do and I'll send you some tips. ...DFC