Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I’ve got to write a tagline for a small community bank. Any pointers? -- signed “Tagged Out”

Dear Tagged,
The first thing you should do is visit TheFinancialBrand.com and peruse their list of 635 bank taglines. It’s a great way to learn what not to write. There are a few decent ones, but the majority range from so-so to really bad.

“Relationship” is a big word for many bankers. Some, however, want more than just a banking relationship. What does that mean? Maybe they’re looking to date or marry someone with a high balance. Here are some examples: 
  • Charter Oak Credit Union – Relationships beyond banking
  • Bossier FCU – Beyond Banking…This is Personal
  • First Reliance Bank – There’s More to Banking Than Money.
  • Red Crown Credit Union – It’s not just service. It’s personal.
  • Sharonview FCU – With us…it’s personal.
  • Bank of India – Relationships beyond banking

Some banks express the obvious; prompting a response along the lines of, “I should hope so.” 
  • Bank of Maine – Honesty first
  • California Federal Bank – We’ll treat your money like it’s your money.
  • California Credit Union – It’s everything a bank ought to be

Many banks are keen on listening to you. I’m not sure they hear anything, but at least they’re polite about it. 
  • Addison Avenue FCU – We listen. You prosper.
  • Commerce Bank – Ask. Listen. Solve.
  • Comerica Bank – We listen. We understand. We make it work.
  • Companion Credit Union – We’re listening…
  • Midland Bank – The listening bank 

And, of course, there’s a chorus of lines that are All About You:  
  • Planters Bank – All About You!
  • Al Hilal Bank – It’s all about you.
  • California Coast Credit Union – It’s All About You
  • Mazuma Credit Union – We’re all about you.
  • Meijer Credit Union – It’s all about YOU! 

Some lines are wacky:
  • Bank of the Sierra – A Mountain of Experience You Can Count On
  • Zurich – Because Change HappenZ
  • Placer Sierra Bank – Real People-Real Service-Real Difference
  • abo Bank – Your significant other bank.
  • North American Bank – Bold. Friendly. Fun.
  • Monterey FCU – Let our style-of-banking improve your style-of-life.

 Some lines appealed to me:
  • Washington Mutual – More human interest. 
  • Abbey National Bank – Because life’s complicated enough
  • Abington Bank – Banking for people with better things to do!
  • Alpine Bank – A bank you can actually like.  [I would change this to “A bank you’ll actually like.]
  • Amplify FCU – Bank less. Live more.

 This is my all-time favorite:

Boomerang Credit Union – where your money comes back to YOU.

 Looking at the list in total, it’s enough to make me question whether any bank or company even needs a tagline. Do banks actually think their customers find these taglines genuine or emotive? The answer is: it doesn’t matter. In my experience, most banks and companies feel more comfortable talking to themselves. So instead of writing a tagline that resonates with your client’s customers, you end up writing one that resonates with your client.  And that’s the way it goes.

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